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Ironman Home Gym Warehouse Strength Sports Fitness Superstore - At the Ironman Home Gym Warehouse, we have whatever you may want for strength sports. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, Home-Gym Warehouse has every tool you need-books, videos, supplements and equipment to easily guide you step-by-step toward your goals.

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Take a Ride - Join the TRIKKE Revolution. Getting fit doesn't have to be a bore anymore. Discover fun, full body fitness. Trikkes are 3-wheeled scooters that provide recreation and exercise, as well as electric-assist scooters for commuting, patrol, and fun. Trikke currently offers three main models for you to enjoy; Trikke HPV (Human-Powered Vehicles), Trikke Tribred (Electric Commuter Vehicle) and, Trikke Skki. Trikke offers fun and fitness to board-sport athletes, families, and older or injured board-sport and snowsport enthusiasts.

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Get that lean dancer's body! Save 10% on All The Right Moves workout videos from! Use code TRAIN10. - iTRAIN is breaking ground in virtual personal training, the ultimate weight-loss tool! sells highly motivating audio workout downloads combining high energy music and voice over of celebrity fitness trainers to motivate you through your workouts. It's your personal trainer, on the go! iTRAIN's success is based on our celebrity trainers updating the music and the workouts every month. Our library of motivating workouts currently offers more than 300 different workouts for various disciplines: Cardio (treadmill, cycling, climbing, outdoor running), Sculpting, Stretching (yoga, pilates), Strength and Teen hip-hop workouts.

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What do personal trainers use to train themselves? Click here to find out. - Bodylastics has been the #1 alternative in strength sports to expensive home gyms & health clubs since 1998. The average person cringes at the thought of spending $500 and up to buy a home gym, or join a health club. We understand this! That's why we went to the drawing board 10 years ago. What we invented was Bodylastics - a workout system that is designed to provide workouts that rival the best and most expensive exercise machines. Our entry level systems start at only $45.95. This amazing system is used by personal trainers, pro athletes, the US military and even S.W.A.T. teams for their training. Since 1998 we have sold over 240,000 units - and most of these sales have been through the internet. Our compact machines are the size of a pair of shoes, yet can be used for all kinds of strength sports from muscle building, body toning, even weight loss. We have been featured on QVC, HSN and were an editors pick by Self magazine in 2002. The most important components of our newest systems are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA. We are one of a small handful of companies that are bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. - and we are very proud of that! We have grown our business by following a simple motto; The Customer Comes First! Most of our orders ship the same or next business day. Our home gym exercise systems carry a 90 day money back guarantee and a LIFETIME warranty. We believe that our product is the best on the market and we stand behind it 100%.

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Total GymŪ As Seen on TV - Chuck Norris' ONLY Home Gym. Lose weight or build muscle, guaranteed. Total Gyms starting as low as $599! The Total Gym provides an entire gym full of equipment in 1 machine. Great for all demographics-ages 8 to 80 and from beginner to advanced fitness levels. Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley have been endorsing Total Gym on television for over 10 years. Total Gym customers benefit from interest free payment plans, a 30-Day Risk Free Trial, and no assembly.

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